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An archway in time...
A man in search of his future in the past...
A woman who holds the key...

Maggie Hobbs has had enough of controlling men in her life. Breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, she heads to Scotland for her summer vacation, hoping to put it all behind her—though she never dreams how far behind her it will go! During a stop at a clan ceilidh, Maggie meets the man who should be heir to the Clan MacKendimen—one whose father turned his back on his heritage for a new life in America. And then Fate steps in to throw her back to a time when men controlled everything!

Alex MacKendimen returns to his father’s lands and discovers a life that could have been his. With the emptiness of his life staring back at him, he wished for another chance to find happiness and finds himself catapulted to the past – as he and a beautiful stranger face dangers together in medieval Scotland.

Thrown together by Fate, Maggie and Alex face their greatest fears and struggle to find a way home while falling in love. Will they make it out of the past or be forced to survive far way from everyone and all they know?




"Alex and Maggie, both exceptionally well-drawn adult characters, make this appealing adventure special." Publishers Weekly

"Brisbin provides plenty of humor and entertainment
in this romp through time, but she sees to it that medieval life is not presented as all fun and games." — ALA Booklist

"An unusual and striking time travel
that flows from page to page with lush, narrative, crisp dialogue and powerful descriptions. Medieval Scotland comes to life under the skillful storytelling of Terri Brisbin." Rendezvous 

"Fans of time travel romance will welcome a fresh face
who adds a unique twist to the sub-genre.  In her first  published novel, Terri Brisbin sends both her protagonists flying back through time. This approach brilliantly works as the pair struggles to surmount impossible odds to find a love that survives the centuries. The story line is a one sitting read, and the supporting characters add a genuine feel to the novel, especially the Medieval cast. Ms. Brisbin clearly is a talent and hopefully will provide sequels co-starring that mysterious mystic, Mairi." Writers’ Club Romance Group on AOL Reviewer Board  by Harriet Klausner

"Ms. Brisbin in her first published work shows her talent
for writing a beautiful and poignant story of SPLENDID dimensions." — Bell, Book and Candle Romance Readers/Writers Newsletter

"Ms. Brisbin's debut novel is a tantalizing blend of history, fantasy and romance.
  This emotionally beautiful time-travel will capture your attention and your heart as the story of two destined lovers a courageous heroine, and a sexy, protective hero unfolds and they experience A LOVE THROUGH TIME." — BookBug on the Web

"There is only one word for A LOVE THROUGH TIME - Delicious!
This book is a is a must-have! Full of surprises. Terri Brisbin is a rising star. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next." — Romance Industry Newsletter - Writers’ Club

"Those of you who complain that your medieval romances are not real enough,
this book is for you. . . There is always something happening. The action doesn't stop, whether it is of an emotional or physical nature, and it's this that keeps you reading. " — All About Romance

" enjoyable read
that will sweep readers away to the Scottish moors." — Romantic Times Magazine

"A welcome new voice in time-travel romance
...a mystical, magical adventure you won't want to miss." — Susan Wiggs

"Classic time-travel!
Terri Brisbin has created and evocative Scottish tale brimming with warmth, wit, and sensuality!" — May McGoldrick



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