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Terri is willing and interested in presenting workshops on various aspects of writing to readers and/or writers' organizations and meetings -- contact her if you or your group would like more information.

Available Workshops (click for more info):

Writing Craft or Business Topics

  • Hooks and How to Use Them
  • After THE END: Epilogues, Query Letters, Synopses and more!
  • Real History and Research
  • Writing and Getting Published in Today’s Market
  • Motivation for Writers
  • Pretzels at 2am
  • Getting the Call and Hitting the Ground Running!
  • SIZE DOES MATTER: Writing Romance Across the Lengths

    General Interest Topics

  • Romance Novel Covers
  • Who is Roberts and Why Do We Care About His Rules?



    A Haunted Castle, A Wizarding Lord and the Warriors of Destiny!

    It was in 2011, after writing at a furious pace for more than 2 years (and six books for two publishers), that I took a bit of a break and found myself falling into the universe’s plan to make me write a new series!

    While browsing through a book I’d ordered from a bookseller in Edinburgh, RINGS OF STONE by Aubrey Burt, I discovered that the rings and standing stones in the UK and Ireland fell into certain patterns in their locations. It got me thinking – why were so many built in those places and not in others, especially since many were in terribly-difficult, hilly, rough terrain, impossible-to-reach locations?

    Then I found a book about mythology and was drawn to the Celtic section where it explained about the old, original Celtic gods who were worshipped before the Celts arrived in Ireland. And it was interesting….

    Then while doing a booksigning in March, my coat got caught on a table as I left the store. No amount of tugging would free it, so I was forced to put everything down to untangle the fabric without tearing it – and found myself staring at a huge book – at a special price – about the history and movements of the Celts from middle Europe to the British isles!

    It was hard to ignore these cosmic messages, but I tried. You see, even though I’ve written all my books set in England or Scotland or Wales (and even one in Brittany – ahem – Celtic area!), I had refused to set on in Ireland. And I refused even though I am about 75-80% Irish! Then, while trying to force another books into the wrong place on bookshelves, a book I did not know I had (and didn’t even remember buying) literally fell on my head. That book? Celts and Normans in Medieval Ireland!

    I got the message! Resistance is futile, screamed the universe! I was about to give up fighting it – the basics of a story began to gel. . . 4 stories, descendants of the ancient gods destined to keep the human world safe from an evil god imprisoned eons ago. . . bloodlines and powers over nature and animals. . . . Very interesting but the setting kept coming back to medieval Scotland and Ireland and England. But for a really good, strong series an author needs a really strong. . .VILLAIN!

    The universe chortled and rubbed its hands together and sent me a Facebook post about Yester Castle in Scotland being for sale! When I followed the path there, I discovered Lord Hugh de Gifford, a powerful man in medieval Scotland, regent for King Alexander III and a man rumored to be a WIZARD WHO BROUGHT FORTH DEMONS TO DO HIS BIDDING – and to build his castle!
    Better yet, he’s even mentioned by Sir Walter Scott in his work, MARMION, as appearing in wizarding robes and casting spells. PERFECT VILLAIN found!

    So, I gave up and listened to the messages that the universe was sending me and my upcoming series – The Warriors of Destiny – is the result. Four stories about a race of warriors created by the ancient gods to protect humanity from an evil god they imprisoned eons ago. And did I mention the romance?! Yeppers – I couldn’t avoid the romances. Watch for the series from NAL’s Signet Eclipse line, coming in 2015!




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