May 10, 2023

A Lady's Agreement

Unexpected Heirs of Scotland series

In Regency Scotland, an explorer and a dispossessed lady find themselves the beneficiaries of unexpected inheritances taking them from gentry to noble or gaining wealth almost overnight. Everything they know in life won’t help them as they enter Edinburgh’s, and Scotland’s, highest levels of society and industry and must find their way in their new positions. If only there was someone who could help them. . . .

Iain Buchanan fought his way up from the filthy and dangerous streets of Glasgow to become a wealthy and powerful man in the industrial world of Edinburgh. He’s even been knighted by the king. Success is in hand and he lives by the two rules that created the man he is now: no one stands in his way when he wants something and trust no one, for that is the way to danger, loss and poverty. So, Iain is determined that he will never look back and never stop moving forward. A good plan until one woman seems to thwart it

Lady Clare Logan, an earl’s estranged daughter was abandoned by her family when she made the choice to marry for love. Now she is a widow without heirs who decides to use the wealth and buildings she’s inherited for a good purpose—starting schools to educate poor children and the unfortunates of Edinburgh’s mean streets. Then Sir Iain Buchanan shows up claiming an existing gentleman’s agreement with her late husband with plans to gather her properties into his growing empire—the very ones she needs for her schools. The ones needed to fulfill the dreams she spun with her late husband.

Iain misinterprets Clare’s ladylike behavior and appearance and finds an intelligent, beguiling, stunningly beautiful woman with a spine of steel and the means to make his life miserable. But as they battle for possession of these critical properties, he cannot resist her wit and her fresh approach to life or the way her lips curl when she’s about to tell him no. Soon, the battle is less about the buildings and land and more about Iain’s desire and need to claim the woman who owns them. But, in gaining one he may lose the other—something he cannot allow. What will it take to convince the infuriating woman to accept his offer and him in her life and walk away from her plans?


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